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Human Rights. She was so naïve that she taught US as a fairy land

USA. The suffering of an American girl. “She was so naïve that she taught US as a fairy land”

by Greg Ivanov – Journalist. Reporters Without Borders (FR), member – The National Union of Journalists (UK) and The Chartered Institute of Journalists (London) In September 2016, Wake Forest announced that the Koch Foundation had committed nearly $4 million in funding for the Institute over the next five years. ..Many […]

International information portal of Human Rights - photo Concentration Camp Munich

GERMANY. Cultivating hatred in the people gives rise to genocide, new concentration camps

Greg Ivanov – Journalist Взращивание ненависти в народе порождает геноцид и новые концлагеря.   Январь 2014. Кажется обычный день. Революция в Украине, протесты против президента во Франции, где то теракты. . . Но знаем ли мы о новой угрозе сегодня? О ней написал немец Мартин Нимеллер. Это его слова: […]