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Leading Organizations

The following organizations are globally recognized leaders in the field of rule of law. Refresh the page to see additional organizations, and be sure to check back in the coming weeks—I.J. will be rolling out an expanded, detailed, and searchable list of trusted organizations working on rule of law issues around the world.


Clipboard_30United Nations Development Programme
UNDP is an intergovernmental development agency working to build peace and democratic governance across the full range of development contexts, through rule of law and human rights assistance.

Hague Institute for the Internationalisation
of Law (HiiL)

HiiL is dedicated to improving rulemaking and conflict resolution processes through innovation, by supporting clients and other stakeholdersacross borders and based on the best available knowledge.

Clipboard_11International Council of Jurists

The International Council of Jurists is a body of jurists working towards the promotion of administration of justice and the healthy development of law, suitable to social and economic needs of the people.


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