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ITALY. The largest mafia organization in Europe continues to trade in drugs.

Алан Джонстон Это центр одной из самых страшных мафиоз страны – преступной сети, известной как «Ндрангета», крупнейшие контрабандисты кокаина в Европе. Судья на юге Италии является инициатором программы помощи детям мафиозных боссов, чтобы избежать преступной жизни – отняв их у своих родителей при первых признаках неприятностей. «Нам нужно […]

Human Rights. Laws of Attrition Crackdown on Russia’s Civil Society

RUSSIA. Laws of Attrition Crackdown on Russia’s Civil Society after Putin’s Return to the Presidency

In the year since Vladimir Putin’s return to the presidency in May 2012, the Russian government has unleashed a crackdown on civil society unprecedented in the country’s post-Soviet history.The authorities have introduced a series of restrictive laws, harassed, intimidated, and in several cases imprisoned political activists, interfered in […]

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International Human Rights Law. International human rights laws help to protect justice.

The international human rights movement was strengthened when the United Nations General Assembly adopted of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December 1948. Drafted as ‘a common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations’, the Declaration for the first time in human history spell […]