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Commissioner for Human Rights

The Commissioner for Human Rights is an independent, non-judicial institution within the Council of Europe, mandated to promote awareness of, and respect for, human rights in the 47 member states of the Organisation.


Photojournalism shows the real faces of the world that we usually ignored. It emphasized the little things who or which needs a big attention.

It is Germany 2017. Refugees. Toilets on the street in winter

Germany. Refugees. Heppenheim, Tiergarten Str. 7b. Toilets on the street. Winter – around the ice and rats. The operator was able to remove the rat from a sewer manhole (look at 1 minute 14 seconds) ran under the toilet. Most refugees coming to the toilet and see where rats run away screaming. Because there is a danger of dirt catch genital herpes viruses and diseases. In September 2016 a refugee has caught on to him in the toilet or in the shower room, and then a long time was treated in hospital Heppenheim. In winter, it is impossible to go to the toilets, because everywhere the ice – tualetylety poured water jet from a hose, and then the water both inside and outside immediately freezes. January 2017. The temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Germany. Refugees Reception Center. Heppenheim.

We have seen, in fact refugees live. Everyone was able to talk, including parents with young children recognized that unfortunately their conditions of life in this city is worse than all the other places where they lived before, even in the camps. They told me that there is a fight, and sale of drugs, poor sanitation and poor nutrition.

Does Investigative Journalism Still Exist

Seymour Hersh’s stories on the My Lai massacre were distributed by the Dispatch News Service during the Vietnam War and won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1970; in 2004, Hersh reported for The New Yorker on torture inside the Abu Ghraib prison by members of a military police unit of the U.S. Army Reserve during the Iraq War

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