CHINA. People don’t have the ‘free speech’ to speak the truth

China Human Rights Report


Those are human interests, theres a huge difference. Under this model of Human Rights is it okay for the governement to murder, rape, torture and sexually mutilate innocent people and political dissidents if they get in the way of of people making money and having success? And in China it is the governement who tells lies and the only reason the truth is never revealed, is because people dont have the ‘free speech’ to speak the truth


Indeed…. This is not DIRECT propaganda, but i can just as easily find people pissed off at thier goverment. You can notice that they say that stories like these are far from ordinary, hundreds of them, when Chinas population 1.3 Billion, or how theirs public executions, when the background is empty Remeber, British killed Millions of Chinese, and now, their kissing their sorry sore dreams of being a superpower. But hey, im a brainwashed right, whatever your fucking TV says must be true