United Kingdom. Unlawful judges breach human rights of top London barrister

by Aisha Bijlani – Barrister, Doctor.

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Dr Aisha Bijlani, of Indian origin, is the first UK barrister to have sued her workplace, 4 New Square, for race discrimination in 2008 and 2013, and the Bar Council for contempt of the Bar’s Code of Conduct.



UK courts have been “party to improper conduct” each day since 2009

UK judges have exhibited actual bias against Dr Bijlani again and again
UK judges have exhibited actual bias against Dr Bijlani again and again

Instead of awarding damages to Dr Bijlani from 2008, UK Judges have deliberately acted unlawfully each day since, exacerbated her depression, destroyed her Court Bundles pre-hearing, exhibited actual bias, failed to issue applications or imprison those guilty of perjury and Contempt of Court, despite independent Counsel’s advice in 2015, and a leading FTSE Chair’s assessment in 2016.

It is not in issue:

  1. Dr Bijlani was advised “Barring a biased judge.. am convinced you will win” £33m;

  2. In 2010 the Court found Dr Bijlani had proven a “prima facie” case of race discrimination against her;

  3. Her workplace has racist clerks with “very troubling” and “abiding” racist attitudes;

  4. There is a £multi-million disparity in earnings between Dr Bijlani and her white male comparators;

  5. Karon Monaghan QC reported the decision against Dr Bijlani is “shocking” to those practising in Equality Law, and the repeat racism at her workplace “plainly unlawful and grossly racist”; she advised the harassment is ongoing until each racist is ousted from the Bar;

  6. All doctors agree Dr Bijlani is suffering from reactive depression “likely” to have been caused by her workplace at a meeting on 06.02.06, and is incapacitated from working ever since;

  7. Her workplace breached the Bar Council’s Code of Conduct, including its:

    1. Equality Code for fair allocation of work;

    2. Mandatory requirement to have a “known” Race Officer (“EDO”) Member and to have reported the name to the Bar Council each year;

  8. Her workplace fabricated Mr Justice Stuart-Smith was “certainly appointed” EDO to 2009 and “formally” handed over this role to Nicholas Davidson QC and Clare Dixon in 2009, and with their rogue lawyers, concealed their key correspondence with the Bar Council;

  9. In fact, no Member had ever appointed Stuart-Smith J as EDO, and in 2011 Nicholas Davidson QC and Clare Dixon emailed Dr Bijlani there was “no handover”, proving their perjury beyond any doubt;

  10. UK courts have been “party to improper conduct” each day since 2009;

  11. The integrity of UK’s court process was “tainted” in “material” aspects since 2009;

  12. Dr Bijlani reported their perjury to the police, and once police contacted friends / colleagues of the suspects, these UK judges “closed ranks” against her to ensure she does not receive “due justice or reasonable compensation”;

  13. UK courts have acted in contempt of the medical reports, breached Dr Bijlani’s human rights, and all the decisions against Dr Bijlani have no legal validity; Solanki v Intercity Telecom Ltd and others [2018] EWCA Civ 101;

  14. Dr Bijlani’s Court Bundles have been destroyed pre-hearing again and again from 2014 (once she was unable to secure legal representation), and the Courts have refused to compensate Dr Bijlani or to re-copy the Bundles or to address the perjury / destroyed evidence;

  15. Lord Woolf at mediation in 2013 assessed Dr Bijlani’s claims and medical evidence as “devastatingly strong”, and advised her and her Counsel to apply for “summary judgement” or “preliminary issue” as her workplace’s insurers were acting under “plainly flawed” advice;

  16. The Bar Council is no longer contesting Dr Bijlani’s claims;

  17. UK judges have exhibited actual bias against Dr Bijlani again and again;

  18. UK judges failed to recuse themselves or to disclose relevant relationships;

  19. UK judges have exacerbated Dr Bijlani’s depression, breached her human rights, and acted unlawfully;

  20. All those who have acted unlawfully against Dr Bijlani must be imprisoned.

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UK courts have been “party to improper conduct” each day since 2009

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