USA. The suffering of an American girl. “She was so naïve that she taught US as a fairy land”

by Peter Stano – Journalist

In September 2016, Wake Forest announced that the Koch Foundation had committed nearly $4 million in funding for the Institute over the next five years. ..Many liberal faculty members and student groups are now trying to “UnKoch” their campuses. But Wake Forest’s Faculty Senate resolution goes further.

In addition to demanding that the university reject the grant, Wake Forest faculty demanded that professor James Otteson and his Eudaimonia Institute be silenced. After the Koch Foundation’s involvement with the Institute became public, 189 “Concerned Faculty” members signed a petition requesting a Faculty Senate review of the agreement between Wake Forest and the Koch Foundation. The Faculty Petition outlined four objections to the Koch Foundation as a funding source..It asserts that Koch funding is a threat to academic freedom and transparency, faculty governance, and the academic reputation of the university.

I bear the faith of making a civilized world to send my daughter Sarah Bell° to US to learn. She was so naïve that she thought US as a fairly land, everyone are angle and kind. So she did all she can to do good things to help or support. All of a sudden she found that this world is not as she imagined.

She was so naïve that she taught US as a fairy land
Wake Forest University, founded in 1834, is a institution of higher education located in  North Carolina. Enrollment is about 6,450 students. Pfoto:

She felt sad and lonely. She got depression from Sep. 2016 and tried to commit suicide, but her sickness was ignored by her faculty, Mary Knapp. Of cause nothing was taken by her school to help her.




Mary Monterrojas Knapp Human Rights
Mary Knapp, Wake Forest University/photo:

Until Sarah’s sickness was noted by her church friends, who notified the Student Care of Wake Forest University, then the faculty member Mary Knapp and Matt Imboden, who start talk with her every week and invited her for dinner twice from Feb. 2017, only for one month. However, my Sarah was not recovery very well, and she couldn’t control herself and yelled to Matt, which started the nightmare of Sarah.

As the dean of this business school, dean lost his patience. His anger and discrimination explored, and he started to punish a sick girl, instead to send my daughter home to take medical withdraw to get a complete recovery.

Matt Imboden Human Rights
Matt Imboden, Wake Forest University/photo:

Matt, the dean of school prohibited Sarah to access everywhere of school property when she yelled unconsciously in classroom, including the church, where she can pray and get peace. Sarah’s disease was worsen by this punishment, when she was isolated with her friends and God in her depression. She couldn’t accept was cruel reality, she had Split Personality to bridge the huge gap of her imagination and the reality.

She came back home in May 2017, and got back to school in Aug. 2017 with escort of me.

For her scare of high pressure and cold attitude environment, she had illusion again, and she yelled and in mess. I asked help of Target Super market employee Kelly to send my daughter to hospital, but Kelly cold me that I have to call police to send her to hospital. When police come, they arrest in her and got a court.

I was totally in mess of what is happening in a strange environment, but her school, which had strong resource of law support, did nothing to help her to drop off the court. She was evenworse again. She was in even worse mess. I called her school to help me to send her to hospital and begged not to send her to police. Again, her school police called police and arrest her again. With escort of police she was send to hospital and diagnosed to have depression.

I have none knowledge of depression, but in her disabled situation, her school didn’t arrange her for further therapy, instead, immediately they asked this mad girl to make decision for the option, either take medical withdrew or hearing.

Clifford Matthew Human Rights
Clifford Matthew. Wake Forest University/photo:

I insisted on her disability in her mess to make decision by herself to the school faculty, Dr. Clifford Matthew. But Dr. Matthew insisted that the decision must be made immediately by my daughter herself. I feel terrible but I have no support anywhere. Sarah was hard to breath and move, but she was force to make such critical decision.

Matthew W. Clifford is Associate Dean of Students and Director of Campus Life Projects at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. In his role at Wake Forest, Matthew handles student conduct, crisis management, and community response

My daughter chose the hearing in her mess. As we can imagine, she failed in the hearing, and her decision of hearing is to dismiss her permanently. She didn’t figure out the reality and imagination how can she had the capability to make decision and understand the consequence of her decision.

Now she is waking up, she has no idea what she has done to send her all life efforts ended in a permanent dismiss. But she overwhelmed in sorrow of her isolations, hearings, and arrests and dismiss.

Her kindness to share, donate and contribution was hurt and she just want to die. My daughter is ill treated. Please help us to give her right back.     (° Last name changed)

Leaders, directors, deans – all these good, famous people – and one unhappy girl who is looking for compassion and help … Investigative Journalism means the unveiling of matters that are concealed either deliberately by someone in a position of power, or accidentally, behind a chaotic mass of facts and circumstances – and the analysis and exposure of all relevant facts to the public.

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