SYRIA. Appeal to International assistance from Syrian journalist, human rights activist

Mansour Alabed Alali – Journalist. Human rights activist.

Mansour Alabed Alali Syria

PLEASE Save me Save my Family, We are oppressed in Syria .

– Absolutely necessary,
We want to go to Canada ,
we want to Reach Canada as soon as possible and in any way, please help me through the endorsement and authorization to reach Canada.
Please help me I want to travel to Canada immediately.

– I hope you deliver humanitarian cases and my suffering to humanitarian organizations in Canada.
– We want to avoid the violence in Syria and move away from the chaos of war and racism in Syria.
-We want to live in peace and study, and we want to integrate into Canadian society.
– I am a Syrian Human Rights Activist , I live with my family in a serious situation and our lives in danger in Syria .
We are oppressed in Syria .

Mansour Alabed Alali – broadcast reports (photos and videos) from Syria during the war (comment Human Rights IIP)

I am Syrian Journalist and oppressed and threatened with death by terrorist and extremist groups in Syria.
– I was a former political prisoner in the terrorist and extremist groups in prisons ,because of freedom of expression and criticism of the policy of repression and violence exercised by the terrorist and extremist groups against the press in syria .
I was also a former political prisoner in the Syrian government’s prisons at SEDNAYA PRISON

Mansour Alabed Alali – visited Syrian refugees and helped them during the war (comment Human Rights IIP)

The midst of serious circumstances of extreme where no food and no water and no medicine after he lost all his family members because of the bombing of warplanes Syria for home.

Mussa Aboud Acharaob Syria Human Rights

Mussa Aboud Acharaob now lives a lonely and looking for hope and a new chance for a decent life amid the rubble and the terrible devastation in an abandoned house on the Turkish border.

– I worked as an activist in the field of human rights and press during the Syrian crisis .
please note Iam a human rights activist in the filed of activating the institution of civil society and spreading the culture of human rights , freedom and democracy and liberal thought which aims to free opinion and social justice and freedom of Expression .

– Currently
We Are oppressed and threatened with death by terrorist and extremist groups in Syria.
– IN the end I ask His Excellency your government in CANADA to accept us a refugee in Canada because we feel great danger.

Mansour Alabed Alali- Helped the children of Syria during the war(comment Human Rights IIP)

Mansour Alabed Alali  – оrganized humanitarian assistance for people during the war in Syria  (comment Human Rights IIP)

Report from Syria. I hope to live without war

Mansour Syrian journalist, human rights activist