SYRIA. Human Rights. War and refugees on the border with Turkey

Mansour Alabed Alali. Journalist. Human rights activist.

Mansour Alabed Alali Syria

Diary of Syrian refugees.

From under the roof of an abandoned house, under the roof of the house of this worn-out old Syrian refugee living diary of his life difficult.


After a personal visit I made to Syrian refugees Abboud in one of the abandoned houses and in the midst of ruin and rubble scattered suffering this poor and slept in the midst of serious circumstances of extreme where no food and no water and no medicine after he lost all his family members because of the bombing of warplanes Syria for home.

Mussa Aboud Acharaob Syria Human Rights

Mussa Aboud Acharaob now lives a lonely and looking for hope and a new chance for a decent life amid the rubble and the terrible devastation in an abandoned house on the Turkish border.Live in the midst of deteriorating health conditions and many diseases and serious atmosphere filled by snakes and scorpions and poisonous insects and epidemics as a result of ignoring the humanitarian organizations and human rights commissions.